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The word ‘Counseling’ these days is used in a variety of context , but mainly to convey a basic scenario where a professional and client in need of some information, analysis of information, and advice come together in a brief professional relationship. One may go to an institute and may get counseling on the various courses available, a health expert may offer counseling on best line of treatment, and one may seek legal, financial, or even leisure counseling. However there is also ‘Psychological Counseling’ that we offer.

One may at our centre avail the benefit of psychological counseling for various personal issues, relationships issues, parenting difficulties, decision making issues, personal growth issues, career counseling based on the assessment of parameters like personality, aptitude and intelligence, corrective intervention for clinical issues, career counseling based on an understanding of the relevant industry and the client’s needs, also counseling for mid-life crisis, horizontal and vertical movement.

We also offer counseling for someone wanting to go abroad to study as it is the inclination these days in many students. In this endeavour of assisting students for studying abroad, guidance in terms of selecting the best from a gamut of courses to choose from to the various expenses involved, plays one of the most crucial steps towards fulfilling their goal

Our counseling session is a time of understanding the student’s road map – from their background to their future plans and then blending in our expertise and experience to provide the necessary backing before beginning this important journey. We work with each student as a unique profile and assist them secure admission in a program that matches both their interests and career objectives.

Counselling in short is an enriching process as it is advisory services aimed at helping students achieve the best in their career and an overall personal growth.