Women on the Fast Track

womanIf www was not popularly known as the World Wide Web, it DEFINITELY would be apt for Working Woman and Wife.

Traditionally, the main responsibility of men was to be a ‘good provider’ while that of the woman was to be a housekeeper, nurturer and the ‘primary parent’. However, today, the clear-cut roles of men and women are becoming less defined and both the partners are beginning to take on the traditional roles of the other. Since the past few decades, women have been on the work scene and even rub shoulders with men in many white-collared jobs.


Putting it Together: Family and Work combining the multiple responsibilities of spouse, parent, and worker (paid or unpaid) has often been described as the ‘Balancing Act’ for women. So what are the costs, benefits and implications of this balancing act?

Benefits of the Balancing Act:

  • The Balancing act has proved beneficial in more than one way, with regards to the women themselves as well as their families. Women who can balance between work and family develop good ‘juggling’ skills and coping strategies.
  • Research also indicates that working women have been found to suffer fewer psychological problems as compared to homemakers. Besides, higher job quality is related to lower psychological distress in women. One of the main reasons for the same could be that success in one area / role enables a person to keep a perspective about other activities.
  • Husbands of working women can spend more time with the children and show their children a nurturing side – an aspect of personality that has traditionally been less visible in men.
  • Division of labour in a family with a working woman is less traditional. For example the husband can prepare a meal or do the laundry when his wife is late from work or on an outstation assignment.
  • The feeling of being a ‘provider’ adds to the morale and the woman’s power in the family especially in the financial decision-making.

What Are the Child’s Gains?

  • School age children of employed women perform more household responsibilities especially while their mothers are at work. These could take the form of making their own refreshments; doing their laundry and preparing their next day’s school uniform etc.
  • They may also grow up to become more independent as compared to children of non-working women. For example, it teaches the child to learn to make their own decisions when the mother is absent from the house.
  • Research also indicates that daughters of working women tend to develop a more positive attitude towards being female and look up to their mothers as role models. They show a preference towards a working life as compared to being home makers.




What is Career Counselling


what is career counselling?

Career counselling is a personalized process that combines both intuitive and cognitive techniques to help you understand yourself, explore career options, and clarify and attain desired career/lifestyle goals. The processes of career counselling offer insight, guidance and support to help you understand and manage varied career and lifestyle issues. Career counselling and guidance generally involves face-to-face interaction, and/or interaction through other mediums like telephone, letters, or Internet. However, most important of all is the one-to-one interaction between the career counsellor and the client. A career counsellor deals with people who are making career decisions and choices or coping with changes like- choice of subjects, career changes, and redundancy. The matter of career decision, and a student’s direction and progress towards professional goals often play a crucial role in the development of individual identity and purpose, as well as positive self-esteem and interpersonal functioning. (more…)



Stress is a scourge of the modern day living. “We are in the phase of tremendous growth of knowledge, rapid social change, and technical innovations. For many people, the pace of change is too fast, resulting in stress, ” writes Toffler in “Future shock’. Unfortunately a growing number of students are becoming victims of stress and taking to harmful habits like popping sleeping pills, smoking and even consuming alcohol. These habits though may provide momentary relief and a sense of `high’, are extremely harmful and getting into them would be most foolish and akin to getting into a vicious circle. Therefore it is very important to identify the stress symptoms and seek help to overcome them as early as possible. (more…)




As the board exam approaches, the only buzzwords in a student’s life are “study,” “revision”! Isn’t it boring? Everybody you meet keeps reminding you to revise. Now is it important to revise & what exactly is revision? Lets check it out!

Revision –as the word goes, it means “re-vision,” i.e. to see & go over again all that has been learnt. It means revising the entire year’s portion in a period of few days. That sounds tough, doesn’t it? Therefore, the most important factor for revision is MOTIVATION. To be self motivated one has to keep reminding himself time & again of his goals. (more…)


Bad Habits

“I wish I could change, but I no matter how hard I try, I can’t.”

“But I just can’t help it…”

“Everyone does it…”  

“It may be wrong, but you’d do the same thing if you were in my situation.”


We are all creatures of habit. Your habits affect who you are. We first make our habits, and then our habits make–or break–us. Change your habits, and you change your life. Habit is like a cable. We weave a strand of it every day, until it is extremely difficult to break. In the end, our habits become either the best of servants … or the worst of masters. (more…)

Impact of Festivals

Impact of Festivals

Today’s youth – Confident, optimistic, techno-savvy, driven by definite goals, the ‘proud to be Indian’ generation equally at ease with the East and the West. But there is another, less-talked-about side to the story. There is more stress on young people today than ever. In the context of globalisation, dreams and realities for the youth are in a flux. Their lives are beset with problems ranging from unemployment, relationship problems, substance abuse, sexual abuse, eating disorders, depression and suicide. There are many factors behind it. One of the ways, de-stressing, unwinding and breaking away from the routine is to make the most of festivals. (more…)

Disciplining your child

Disciplining your child

Sudha was really angry with Monty 4 year old kid.  She was tired of things he would probably purposely do to annoy her. This annoyance was more because she just could not handle him. There were times that she would really get irritated and give him a good beating. Although that would make her feel a little relieved for some time since the child would sober down for few moments, but then she would feel terribly guilt of the beating and would promise to herself that this would not repeat. Sudha really wanted someone who could make her child a better person to be with. (more…)

Why Career Planning?

Why Career Planning?

Children today are offered so many choices and opportunities that it is often difficult for them to decide on “the best” career path to follow. To add to the agony there are several pressures from parents, friends, relatives and teachers to get high percentages. Alongside there also goes on a riot in the student’s mind “What next?” What is the best career for me?”, “Where will I get all the information from?” Generally the easiest way to select a career is to find out an ‘upcoming careers’. As per the typical trend Science is a preferred option followed by Commerce and Arts. Students may even have some preset or envisaged career goals based on their aspirations, peer pressure or likings rubbed on to them from people they are close to or look up to. (more…)

Mid Life Career Changes

Mid Life Career Changes

Ajit Ponkshe, 46, a successful lawyer, was finding it difficult to keep up to the expectations and with his past performance. On introspection, he knew that his lied somewhere else. Every time he grabbed a pen to draft a legal document, he would end up sketching caricatures and sketching characters which no one could imagine. This had continued for sometime, and when he felt, this is it!; he decided to quit and take up the career of choice – getting into the filed of Animation. (more…)



The moment the words SOCIAL WORK is mentioned a lot of people have the picture of a person/fighter wearing simple cotton clothes and fighting for the rights of people. Equally contradictory was the thought that social work is the domain of people who have earned more than enough so that they can distribute it to the less privileged one and also work done by rich people during their spare time. Though somewhat the truth; but not the entire truth. Till date in India, the concept that there can be a career in this field is beyond imagination. (more…)

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