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  • Counselling is the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.
  • The entire counselling process runs with a basic principle of non-judgmental perspective from the counselor’s end.
  • One important part of an effective counselling process would also be appropriate administration, scoring and evaluation of suitable psychometric assessments when required.
  • Counselling is not a one stop shop to find an all-in-one solution provider.
  • Rather it is a journey to discover and even re-discover self to find our solutions.
  • It could be with respect to education, vocation or personal concerns.
  • Times when you find yourself at the crossroads of Life.
  • Desperate to look for and give a definite direction to life.
  • Ready to take up the charge to bring a positive change to your life.
  • Age is not a restriction to avail counselling services.
  • Children older than 2 years of age or school students, college students, working professionals, or even parents can take the opportunity to improve their lives.
  • There is only One Life. This Life. Make it better. Every day!
  • Every individual is different with different life stories.
  • They continue writing their stories taking every day as a new page.
  • Different experiences form different chapters of their life stories.
  • Even if two people might have experienced similar situations, does not necessarily mean, the future that follows will be the same.
  • Therefore, everyone possesses an ability to change the future in the best possible manner.

  • Determined to improve
  • Committed to be actively involved
  • Accept the resultant change


  • Post Graduation in Psychology
  • Awareness of test administration and interpretation
  • Expertise in guidance and counselling techniques
  • Through a systematized process where the counselor and the client work towards a common goal; to jointly discover the best suitable alternatives to enhance the client’s quality of life!
  • It is a two way process requiring sharing and openness to explore possibilities for improvement.
  • Therefore the counselor and the client are equally involved in a counselling process.
  • The counselor needs complete willingness and co-operation from the client in order to assist the client find a path in the most suitable direction.
  • Furthermore, a counsellor also helps the client discover the self-compass that will be useful to take future decisions in appropriate directions, once the counselling process is over.

An established counselling centre with proven records of guiding people positively!

Growth Centre [I] Pvt. Ltd. with its qualified team has been offering Total Counselling Solutions, all under one roof for more than 12 years!

This would be the ideal place where one can be comfortable in the hands of the experienced counselors; who could help find a path to drive your life in the most suitable direction after careful analysis.


Initially I was very skeptical about the SAT exam, the preparation required but after coming to GEC all my doubts were cleared. The faculty is fantabulous. They are approachable too. They cleared all of my doubts. GEC staff really coordinated well with me and kept me informed about my classes and helped me find books of my choice. All in all it was a wonderful experience indeed!!


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Since, there are many students who are confused about their future. Growth Centre in Mumbai provides Personal education counseling for such students. With the help of experts and career workshops, a student starts analyzing his core interest and follows the guidelines for achieving success. You can also name it as an education consultancy that provides counseling solutions to the clients.

Many parents complain about their children that they are not taking their studies seriously. This is due to the laxity of apt guidance. Growth Center offers personal counseling to such students to help them and make their life better to live. The service is also available for those students who are dealing with psychological or personal issues. To check the ability of a person, aptitude testing is done to get accurate results. This will help the counselor to judge that person and accordingly provide education counseling.

Aptitude tests do make a difference. When you go to any university entrance exam paper or any government job exams, there is a section of aptitude test that marks your multi-tasking nature.

To get a proper guidance, you require highly experienced and humble counselor who can lighten up your ways to success. At Growth Centre, a team of quality counselors is there who is expertise in guidance and can deliver great results. Several career workshops are given to the batches to enhance their skills. It’s a Mumbai based educational consultancy, providing infinite counseling solutions.

Whether you want to study in abroad or in the home country, the team of experts provide detailed knowledge about the best courses, institutions, and other important information.

Which course is suitable for you? How will you get admission? How will you prepare for the entrance exam? What should you study? How to study? Our experts are always involved as per the requirement.

Enroll today to experience the life changing services.